When I initially decided to experience Brain Training with Susan, I was plagued with major digestive problems, which impaired my sleep and immune system, leaving me in a constant state of nervous reactivity and depression. I was in a state of despair, not knowing how to help myself, but I found the first 10 sessions to be calming and peaceful with subtle improvements in the weeks that followed. So three months later I decided to do another 10 sessions and it was like a “quantum leap”.
      It has now been a year since those first ten sessions and I feel like I have gotten my life back. I am sleeping better, I can eat three meals a day with minimal discomfort, I think more clearly, have less anxiety and depression and have developed more mental strategies for living a happy and successful life.
      And yet, even with all of this great success, I look forward to receiving more Brain Training sessions with Susan in the future as I want to fine tune those areas that are still needing a little boost. After experiencing such wonderful results in the past, I can’t wait to see how my life blossoms.
Dayna L.
Aesthetician, Owner of Earth Magic Skin Care
Truth or Consequences, NM
    Brain State Training has had a profound effect on my health and well being . It has resolved my digestive problems. Now I can eat and digest many foods I couldn't eat before the brain training. Also before the brain training I never slept through the night. Most nights I would wake up for an hour or two between 12 and 2 AM, but since the brain training I sleep through the night. BST has given me an overall feeling of well being. I don't seem to get agitated and upset like I did before, and I feel content and relaxed with myself. The process of brain training with Priya feels safe. I always felt that Priya was concerned and did everything she could to aid me in getting the best results out of my brain training. I see this as being on the cutting edge of a new modality in healing  all kinds of health and well being complaints of the human condition.     
Scott M. ,
retired Certified Rolfer  and organic farmer
Truth or Consequences, NM  
    I was referred to Priya for Brain Optimization many years after suffering a brain injury as well as chronic relationship trauma.
    After participating in 10 sessions, the results of this work were very noticeable and profound for me.
    I had not realized that prior to the sessions I had lived in a constant state of anxiety.   
After the work with Priya, I have been able to be more calm and have been able to distinguish between my own inner state of "poised for response to danger" and external situations that were not actually a threat.
   I have been able to discern what situations were useful for me or not and to access my intuition and trust it in a new way.
   I have been able to focus my attention for extended periods of time - quite a bit longer than I had been able to in the past and overall I have achieved a greater sense of calm in my life.
   I would recommend Brain training for anyone with trauma issues in their past and for those who have had difficulty with attention and anxiety.
Pat L.
Executive Director, Social Venture Partners
Denver, CO
Hi Priya,
I benefited from your brain training! My knack for remembering numbers has come back. Also I remembered and processed through some emotions that I had as a child, both good and bad.  I have always remembered what had occurred to me in my childhood, but it was more like remembering a movie that I had seen with no emotional charge.  What happened during brain training was profound.  I felt feelings of safety, support and love that I had when my grandfather was alive and how much I enjoyed living by the lake, next door to my best friend and all the wonderful family around me, all the time.  I then remembered how sad, betrayed, angry and confused I was when all of that changed.   As a child I developed coping mechanisms to make it through this.  It was the brain training that opened my eyes to the fact that I still had some of these feelings even now and I saw the ways that they were still driving my day to day life. As a result my mental health has been better and I have been making positive changes in my life.  People around me are commenting that "your light has come back".
 Thank you so much.
Rachael R. D.O.M. 
      Brain State Conditioning has helped me greatly with my chronic insomnia. Before I started BST brain training, I had to take not one, but two different medications just to fall asleep every night. After doing BST, I was able to stop taking both those medications. Now I am sleeping well the natural way, and I don't have a hangover from the medications every morning. It has also helped me to overcome my shyness and introver -
sion, as well as inertia, and now I am getting out of the house more.
        Before I did brain training, I would sit around at home all of the time and read, play on the computer, etc. As a single guy in my thirties, this was not healthy for me, and it was not what I wanted, but I couldn't seem to break the cycle. I received brain training last January, and now I actually have a social life, I have made new friends, and I started hiking again (something I have always loved) with  group organizations. I even climbed Mt. Whitney with five of my new friends last summer! I have another backpacking trip planned - this time to the Grand Canyon - with the same group of friends for next month.
       I am really glad that I decided to undergo brain training with BST through Perfect Peace Training. I feel that not only has it helped me with some of my physical problems, but it has greatly improved my overall quality of life. It was definitely worth doing, and I plan to have more sessions at some time in the future.     
Max R.
Big Bear Lake, CA

   I found the brain training to be helpful in relaxing something deep within my core. It has helped me breathe deeper and has helped my mind stay calmer. I have noticed more of a sense of ease in my body, and more of a feeling of integration, and it feels really good. I think our nervous systems are downloaded with so much stress, we need help unwinding some of the snarls in our wiring. I've noticed that where I would have said no before, I have more "yes" to life, and I'm free to enjoy  more stability and peace.    
 Inanna C., R.N.,
 Licensed Massage Therapist
Truth or Consequences, NM
I have found Brain State Technology sessions to make a big difference in my life.  I feel as if my entire system has been “rebooted”. Areas where I felt stuck in my reactions to traumatic situations have easily shifted. I have found a greater capacity overall to cope with challenges emotionally.  I have felt more confident and capable.  Something about the way the past had me in it’s grip lifted and I have been free to move on. 
A young friend of mine, age 11, did ten sessions of Brain State Training and it was also as if he was rebooted.  He began to take on playing sports which he had previously resisted and he has been able to succeed and actually play on a team.  He hasn’t had the same resignation or resistance that he had before. He has begun using his body in ways he hadn’t before, running and jumping which he never used to do.  He also began doing his homework on his own without being told, when the year before this had produced a lot of anxiety in him.  He has been much easier to work with overall as there has been a new flexibility and willingness that he didn’t have before.  I would recommend Brain State Technology to anyone who feels that they are stuck in any way in their life. 
Rose D. R.N
Lakewood, CO

    In the summer of 2011, I had brain wave training with Susan at Perfect Peace. At the time I undertook the sessions I didn't know what to expect, but because of some residual imprinting from having been raised in an emotionally abusive, toxic environment, I certainly was open to exploring this relatively new modality of brain balancing.               
First, I noticed that I no longer seem to be hyper vigilant, and what a relief it is to not be monitoring myself and other people constantly.
Second, I noticed that my ability to focus and stay on task feels very different energetically. Before, I could do it, but it was more like work, like pulling teeth. Now it is more effortless and fun.        
Another important change, and to me very unexpected, is that it seems that I am no longer grinding my teeth. I wore an occlusal night guard every night for ten years, but now my jaw is so relaxed I have stopped wearing it altogether. When I took it to my dentist to check its' fit, I was told that it was off by more than two and a half millimeters, a very interesting shift, given that I had always had it checked on a fairly regular basis. And the bottom line is that I continue not to wear it because I just don't need it anymore.
To say the least, I am intrigued and impressed with brain wave training and I want to have more sessions. I think it is safe to say, I would not have done the training if it were not for Susan. She is not only competent and caring, but is passionate about what it can do to balance and harmonize the nervous system, having benefited herself and others with it tremendously.  
I plan to have more sessions and I'm looking forward to it. In fact, my daughter Ginny and grandson Jacob are flying out from Santa Barbara this spring  to have sessions as well.
Deb D.
Dear Priya,
        I am writing to let you know of the benefits I have experienced after ten sessions of brain state training. First of all, I began to notice having a calmer demeanor, especially when stressful events would occur. My habitual responses were often still there in my mind, but without the emotional dominance of the past. I am now more capable of making better choices in calmly dealing with difficult situations.
        Within a few weeks after the training, it became evident to me that some of my thought processes seem to be changing very subtly. I began to regard past memories of emotional trauma from a more neutral perspective. Also, my old habit of worrying about the future has taken a back seat to a more optimistic attitude.
        The most significant improvement I have noticed has occurred as I began a new consulting job. This job has involved personnel management and conflict resolution within a corporation that was experiencing poor morale and failing  performance. Relative to past experiences I have had in similar scenarios, I discovered that I am more perceptive of people and details, can problem solve faster, and have been more confident "under fire." I feel these qualities have improved my ability to communicate more clearly and effectively. My work has become more satisfying.
        Thank you for providing this beneficial service, as well as your sincere caring and concern about the welfare of your clients. Your follow-up calls have been very much appreciated.
Richard P.,
Motelier, Business Consultant
Truth or Consequences, NM

A few months ago, I completed ten sessions of brain training with Susan "Priya" Davies. My interest and need was based upon wanting greater focus and concentration. (I had had a traumatic brain injury resulting in ADD, PTSD, and the challenges presented by those conditions).
The sessions were in a private, comfortable, one-on-one setting personally facilitated by Priya. Her personal attention and enthusiasm helped me get over my initial hurdle of technology fear. Settling in and down, I found the sessions to be both relaxing and stimulating, which were immediate results in my daily life.
 Since the brain training, I now have much greater clarity and ability to focus and stay focused for longer periods of time. My energy level has improved and frustration has decreased as a result.
 In my overall experience with my personal brain recovery, through many years and healing methods, my progress has definitely been enhanced by this BST brain training, and I know it will improve my life significantly to continue with more of it soon!
Donna M. 
Small Business Consultant, 
Animal Whisperer
Santa Fe, NM
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