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   Perfect Peace Training offers a safe, non-invasive breakthrough technology that allows your brain to heal itself. It has proven to be an enormously effective tool for resolving trauma-related issues of all kinds, and returning the participant to a clear, flowing, rejuvenated state of being.

   The human brain operates within a spectrum of frequencies ranging from the low, slow waves of sleep to the high-speed waves of the focused waking state. The whole range of frequencies is present all over the brain, but differs proportionally in different areas. For example, alpha waves, the medium range, are naturally dominant on the right side and in the back, while the beta or high range frequencies naturally occur higher on the left side and in the front. Trauma, including emotional trauma, throws that natural harmony into disarray, resulting in a wide range of physical, mental and emotional challenges for the person affected.
   Neural pathways are like information highways connecting the brain to all other parts of the body. When trauma takes place in the body, its defense mechanism shuts off some of the blood flow to the affected area to encapsulate it, and help it heal. Likewise, neural pathways form detours or "neural nets" around areas that have experienced shock. This is a protective reaction in the nervous system, necessary for survival but important to reverse once survival is no longer an issue. Animals reverse trauma naturally by shaking it out, but the human animal has lost some of that ability.                                                     
   Brain Wave Optimization works by picking up the whole range of sound of one lobe of the brain at a time, feeding it into the software and then every millisecond back into your ears.  When your brain hears its own range of sound, it automatically makes more of the good sounds, automatically returning its electrical flow to the original neural pathways, thereby unwinding trauma and bringing correct information and energy to your whole body and being.  It is not bio- or neuro-feedback, but a direct mirroring that allows your brain to return itself  to its own natural state.
   Perfect Peace Training is not a medical facility; we do not promise or guarantee any particular results. We do not diagnose, treat or cure.  We facilitate your brain hearing and correcting itself, and the aftereffects are very often wondrous to behold.
   Conditions this practitioner has seen change during and after this brain training include: PTSD, ADHD/ADD, anxiety, hyper-vigilance, depression, sleep, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, respiratory and digestive issues, allergies and sinusitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and substance and food addictions.

Priya (Susan Davies), CMT, CHT

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